Hoban is home

Hoban Football has been the best thing to influence my life to this day. I have had so many great experiences and learned so many things that will help better me on and off the field. I have not only become a better football player but I’ve become a better person as well and that was the ultimate goal. But with adding two state championships and becoming the greatest football team to ever play football at Hoban wasn’t too bad either.

When I came into this program they were coming off multiple losing season and my goal was just to be best back in the state of Ohio. We had a really big senior heavy team first year and I was the only freshman that had started on varsity in a long time so I felt like a lot of the spotlight was on me. We ended the season 5-5 which was great considering what hoban football was before that.

I received many awards after that year including Max Preps Freshman All-American Honors and that truly was a shocking moment and a blessing. I had no clue about rankings, offers, stars, and all of that other stuff as a freshman I was just doing what I love. Coming into sophomore year we were determined to be better than last year and that is exactly what we did. We finished 6-4 and just missed the playoffs, it was a heartbreaking ending but we knew that we kept getting closer and closer to our goal. I had received many awards and achievements after that season  as well, including my first scholarship offer to play football at The Ohio State University!

As junior year approached our team came up with a team slogan that we would eventually live by and preach everyday “Sine Metu” which is Latin for “Without fear”. We lived and breathed that statement every time we stepped into a weight room or on a football field. We ended up breaking all offensive and defensive school records, and doing many other great things but ultimately we did the one thing we set out to do which is when a state championship for the first time in school history. It was an amazing accomplishment and we as a team were slowly turning a football school into a football program.

Senior year approached for me and I told my team that it was either a state championship or nothing! Anything less is unacceptable.  We overcame all odds. So much  adversity, injuries, sickness, and much more to do the one thing people said we could not do. And we won back-to-back state championships. Thinking back to how much this program has changed over these past few years is crazy. Playing for football for Archbishop Hoban has taken me to me so many different places and I am forever grateful of the opportunity I had to play at this great school with these amazing people and even better coaching staff. Even through all the good times and bad on the football field, I would never change a thing.  If I had a chance to relive it all over again, I would in a heart beat. I have truly been apart of a fairy tale dream. I helped turn a below .500 team into back to back state champions and arguably one of the greatest teams in Ohio! What a ride.