The Commitment: Kofi Wardlow

This was a long and tedious process as I looked to narrow down my 27 offers to just one. As a recruit, the decisions you make throughout the process are some of the hardest you will make in your entire life. Which schools will I visit? Which colleges feel right to me? And ultimately, which one will I attend for the next three or four years?

Ultimately, I decided that the best place for me to grow as a student, man, and athlete was at the University of Maryland.

I chose Maryland for a variety of reasons. They are really close to home so my family can come and see me whenever. I can really sense the change in the program and the coaches really made it feel like home for me. I love the other guys they have in the class. They are like brothers to me, and I cannot wait to step on the field with them next fall.

I would like to thank all of the family, coaches, friends, and teachers who made this moment possible. I would not have been able to make this decision if it was not for your support and love throughout the entire recruiting process.

I would also like to thank my friends, coaches, and teammates at St. John’s, and everyone from Washington DC who supported me.

I am very excited as my attention now turns to becoming the best student-athlete I can be at the University of Maryland! Go Terps!

Kofi Wardlow